Welcome to my website, the home of out/in:space-music.

I'm a musician.  I play the bass.  I attended the Juilliard School

(2 years in the prep, 4 years in the upper school, from '74-'80), where I studied under Homer Mensch.  I've also studied jazz extensively with Cecil McBee, Fred Hersch, and Eric Kloss. 

I've freelanced extensively in New York, played professionally in symphony halls from Carnegie Hall to the Palau De La Musica to the Teatro Colon to Avery Fisher Hall to the Shiller Theater to Bellas Artes to the Istana Budaya to practically every hall on Earth, or at least in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. I was on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” backing up the cast of "Cabaret.” All of this has been with symphony orchestras and touring Broadway shows. 

Between all this traveling, over the years, I've put together various creative projects with musicians I have known, playing new and improvised music.  I recently began recording some of these projects, and releasing them along with some other things I've had laying around for years, on my label, out/in:space-music. 

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